Cultivating Local Happiness!

We have ventured from our homelands of Indiana and North Carolina in pursuit of the diverse, eclectic lifestyle that San Francisco has given its visitors and inhabitants since the gold rush. While most of the gold is long gone, the wonderful west coast still provides some of the richest resources Mother Nature has to offer – a vast array of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and roots, as well as many other nourishing and delicious foods. We are dedicating ourselves to finding the best of these, extracting what’s good, and bottling it up to share with you. We take pride in creating delicious juices that can cleanse, detoxify, and even transform your diet. As important as it is to create the tastiest juices in the world, most importantly we believe they will make you feel amazing - and smile. We can't wait for you to try it!

Phoebe and Ryan

Phoebe is a nutrition science graduate from Bastyr University and dietetics graduate from Indiana University. Since childhood she’s had a curiosity and love for all things food and has dreamed of one day owning a food business. Now living her dream, Phoebe and team crafts each Happy Moose Juice with the utmost care, optimizing for the healthiest and highest quality juice.

Ryan is an International Business / Spanish graduate from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. Captivated by California and the San Francisco Bay, he is passionate about giving back to the bay area community an honest and healthy way to enjoy real food. A man with a big dream and few needs, Ryan hopes to one day live in a farmhouse with a barn, porch and dog.