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Happy Moose Juice Cleanse


Happy Moose Juice Cleanse

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Our cleanse is designed to help rid your body of unwanted toxins and impurities, while providing your body with the nourishment it needs.  Cleansing allows your digestive system to rest and regenerate without feeling overly fatigued or starved.  Every juice is made with fresh, raw, organic fruits & vegetables thats contain high quantities of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and living enzymes that replenish and restore balance. Custom Cleanses are also available.

A cleanse consists of: 5 Juices, 1 Hemp Milk, 1 Feel Mo' Betta Tonic -- (Our Classic Cleanse includes Kale Earnhardt, Tropical Roots, Chard Knock Life, When Life Gives You Lemons, Beet It, Moon Milk)

Cleanse price includes refundable glass bottle deposits. Bottles may be returned for $2 each cash refund at our juice bar located at 842 Valencia St. in the Mission District, during our hours of 9am-3pm Fri-Sun. 

24 hours advance notice is requested on cleanse orders to ensure that we are getting you the freshest juice possible! 

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